Get Licensed

Are you a landscape professional in Texas interested in earning a Texas Landscape Irrigation License?  You have come to the right place.  Here are some facts to help you get started:
1.  Licensing in Texas is required by Texas State Law.  There are currently three types of landscape irrigation licensing in the state.  TCEQ is the regulatory authority over licensing for Texas irrigation professionals.  Click here to go to the TCEQ occupational license information and requirements page for landscape irrigation licensing.
2.  The first step in your licensing process is attending a required 40 hour basic irrigator training course for licensed irrigators or the 16 hour basic technician training course.  The instructor for these courses must be approved by TCEQ.  Click here to see a list of TCEQ approved instructors for the irrigation course and click here for the technician training course.
3.  Once you have successfully completed your 40 hour course, you must register for the licensed irrigator exam through the TCEQ and pay the appropriate fee.  Click here to go to that registration page.  
4.  You will have multiple opportunities to pass the exam, if you don't pass every section the first time.  Any section you do not pass will have to be retaken, but any section you pass will not have to be retaken at your retest.  Once you have passed every section, you will be awarded your license number.
5.  You will be required to earn CEU hours each year and report those to TCEQ when you renew your license, every three years.  The requirements are 24 hours in a three year period for licensed irrigators, and 16 hours in a three year period for irrigation technician.  Each year that you renew, you will pay a renewal fee.  Currently the renewal fee for both irrigators and technicians is $111.
The most up to date information about irrigation licensing and renewals will always be found on the TCEQ page.