TXIA History

The Texas Irrigation Association has a rich history spanning 50 years. Formerly known as the Texas Turf Irrigation Association, TTIA, the association has many years under its belt championing for the licensed irrigator in Texas.

Texas Irrigation Association Timeline

| February 9, 1965
The Texas Turf Irrigation Association (TTIA) held its first organizational meeting. Officers were elected and regional directors were named.

| May 18, 1973
S.B. 237 passed establishing the regulaton and certification of irrigators. On June 16th the bill was signed into law by Governor Dolph Brisco. Click here to access this ground breaking legilation/law.
| Late 1990's
Local associations began forming and taking an active role in CEUs and support of the local irrigator.
| 2007
Legislative year that produced new legislation affecting the irrigation industry.

| 2007 - 2008
TTIA takes input from every local association testifying at the TCEQ hearing on behalf of the Texas irrigator. This was a historic effort establishing a state voice for Texas irrigators.
| 2009
Updated processes to technological age, trained 200+ technicians, developed new logo, updated the newsletter, and hired an executive director.

Hosted contractor event at the IA show.

Partnered with TNLA by hosting 3 CEU classes and contracted TNLA for legislative services in order to work in partnership during the legislative session.

| 2010
Established TTIA scholarships, the Cody Hobbs Memorial and Carl Causey Honorary Scholarships.
Adjusted bylaws to better reflect membership designations and annual meeting.

| 2011
TTIA successfully raises awareness, petitions and writes legislation allowing the passage of HB 2507. Click here for more details on HB 2507 and its affect on the irrigation industry.
Added corporate membership.

| 2013
During the legislative session, TTIA worked to change the verbiage in HB 2062, Rainwater Harvesting Bill, as to not negatively affect irrigators.

| February 1, 2014
TTIA contracts legislative representative, Joe Morris, to monitor, advise, and represent TTIA with regards to legislative happenings on the state level.

| February 9, 2015
Texas Turf Irrigation Associaton celebrates its 50th anniversary serving licensed irrigation professionals in Texas .

| April 1, 2015
Texas Turf Irrigation Association (TTIA) officially announces their name change to Texas Irrigation Association (TXIA).