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Welcome to the website for the Texas Irrigation Association (formerly Texas Turf Irrigation Association). TXIA is the state level industry association for licensed irrigation professionals in Texas. The Texas Irrigation Assoication works to promote the business success and professionalism of its members through education, legislative advocacy, networking, and public relations. Persons active in the Texas irrigation industry are welcome and encouraged to join.


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  • A Myth About Valve Circuits

    • Tuesday, June 16, 2020
    • Tammy Swor - TXIA Executive Director

    MYTH: IF A CIRCUIT HAS CONTINUITY, A VALVE SHOULD WORK ELECTRONICALLY. You'd think that'd be sound logic — but think again. This reasoning isn't sound at all. I am sure you might be wondering why. As an irrigator troubleshooting a valve circuit, you will likely use a circuit tester that flashes a green light or emits a tone when it detects continuity in a circuit. No continuity results in a red light or no tone. Even multimeters that are set to measure ohms emit an audible tone to indicate that a circuit has continuity. What often happens is a technician will interpret the test instrument's tone, beep or green light to mean that the circuit being testing is free of faults. Stop right there.

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