Consumer Relations

One aspect of TXIA's mission statement is public relations. As the statewide association representing licensed irrigation professionals, we believe it is very important to inform consumers on the many aspects of landscape irrigation and to promote smart water management practices. Most consumers do not realize that it's actually a Class C Misdemeanor for someone to sell, install, and/or maintain an irrigation system without a license. (See 30 TAC § 344.30)

Use the links to the left to help you in making informed decisions when it comes to your irrigation system. There are many advantages to using a licensed irrigator and consequences for not using one. Don't let a low ball price make your decision for you, make it a priority to hire a licensed irrigator!

A new FB page, Texas Irrigation Association - Consumer Relations, has been created to inform on the many aspects of landscape irrigation and encourage the utilization of smart water management practices. Like TXIA's Consumer Relations page and share it with your friends and family, and let's help everyone become smart water managers!