Smart Irrigation

Smart irrigation begins with a smart consumer. The Irrigation Association sponsors an initiative each year to promote just that, smart irrigation. With their initiative, they have provided multiple resources for use in educating the consumer on the subject. Each year, as a result of this initiative, many states, cities, municipalities, and associated organizations set aside the month of July as Smart Irrigation Month. Use these pages to view TXIA's proclamation, as well as the resources provided by the Irrigation Association and other entities who support Smart Irrigation.


The Texas Irrigation Association, the state level association for licensed irrigation professionals in Texas since 1965, has proclaimed July 2015 to be Smart Irrigation Month to draw attention to the importance of using water efficiently and to encourage citizens to utilize irrigation professionals licensed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality in order to maximize smart water management practices.
July is traditionally the month of a peak demand for water for lawns, gardens and landscapes in North America. The Irrigation Association named July as Smart Irrigation Month to increase public awareness about simple practices and innovative technologies homeowners, businesses and property managers can use to:

  • Save money on utility bills.
  • Minimize or defer investments in infrastructure to store and carry water, typically paid for by property taxes or municipal bonds.
  • Protect their community’s water supply for generations to come.
Homeowners typically overwater lawns and landscapes by up to 30 percent. By selecting and planting carefully, watering wisely, and maintaining and upgrading automated irrigation systems, consumers can save money, save water and see better results.
To find a licensed irrigation professional to design, install, maintain or audit your irrigation system, visit For tips on efficient irrigation, go to Smart Irrigation Month is an initiative of the Irrigation Association, a non-profit industry organization dedicated to promoting efficient irrigation. Visit to learn more.
The Texas Irrigation Association works to promote the business success and professionalism of its members through education, legislative advocacy, networking, and public relationsby providing education opportunities and resources, by monitoring laws, rules, and trends at the state level that can affect the livelihood of the industry, by supporting and helping to strengthen local associations, and by informing the consumer on the importance of utilizing the licensed irrigation professional and smart water management practices.