Grass Facts Videos

Below are a few videos produced in conjunction with the Turfgrass Producers of Texas (TPT);

What are the "do's and don'ts" of lawn irrigation?
What are some common mistakes home owners make in regards to irrigation?
What is the preferred method of lawn irrigation?
What are some of the most cost-efficient ways to properly irrigate your lawn?
When are the best times to water your lawn?
How do tree roots affect lawn irrigation?
How do you know which sod is right for you?
What are some of the most common types of sod?
Where is the best place to find sod?
What is normally the first step in preparing the site for sod?
Does the area need to be tilled or can it be heavily raked?
What are some common procedures to installing the sod?
Should the soil be drained before you lay the sod down?
How long do you need to keep the mud moist?
When & how should I do my first fertilization?
How do you determine how much fill you need?
What is the next step in making sure the sod grows to its full potential?
Does the lawn need to be fertilized immediately?
Where are some common places to learn about maintaining your lawn?
I have noticed brown spots in my yard. What could this be caused by?
How soon after the sod is placed can the area be used for activity?
Does grass have a dormancy period?
How soon should I begin mowing or performing maintenance on my lawn?
Can I water my lawn too much?
Should I add anything to the water to help stimulate growth?
How will my mowing practices affect my lawn?
Should I water in the morning or at night?
What is the best watering schedule once I have my lawn installed?