TCEQ Contacts & Links

TCEQ Landscape Irrigation Program
   Phone: 512-239-LAWN (5296
   Fax: 512-239-2249

Licensing General Contact
   Phone: 512-239-6133

TCEQ Irrigator Licensing
   Licensing Contact - Ismael Parra
   Phone: 512-239-6396
   Fax: 512-239-0533

Contact Information Updates
Click here to update your contact information and ensure that you receive notifications for licensing renewal and other important pieces of information from the TCEQ. (Note: TCEQ license holders are required by rule (30 TAC §30.24(l)) to provide up to date contact information to the Occupational Licensing Section.)

TCEQ Irrigation Email List
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Webpage links for TCEQ:
   - Landscape Irrigation Main Page
   - Landscape Irrigation Licensing Information
   - Online License Renewal Information
   - Approved Landscape Irrigation Training Providers
   - Online Landscape Irrigator Complaint Form