Texas Irrigation Association's (TXIA) memberships are good for one year. There's no time to waste and no reason not to join other Texas irrigation professionals today!

Since 1965, the Texas Irrigation Association (formerly the Texas Turf Irrigation Association) has been supporting Texas irrigation professionals. From the beginning of the irrigation licensing process in Texas, TXIA has been defending irrigation professionals from plumbers and special interest groups.

TXIA, whose board includes representation from every part of our state, supports reasonable, common-sense regulations, and fair and even-handed enforcement of our irrigation laws. During the last rule revision process, TXIA was there to defend the irrigation profession and protect your industry. Several of the proposed rules were revised in response to our suggestions. In 2009, TTIA voted to support HB 2339, and has committed resources and partnered with other organizations like the Texas Nursery Landscape Association to safeguard our industry in the 2011 legislative session.

Membership in a state-level professional organization demonstrates that you are serious about your profession and livelihood, and that you care about the industry.that you are involved with. By joining or renewing your TXIA membership, you are aligning yourself with the most conscientious, progressive members of your industry. You are showing yourself as a professional, accountable for your future, and the future of irrigation in Texas.

The TXIA is the only state level organization that truly represents the contractor, while supporting every level of professional participation in our dynamic industry. Irrigators work everyday with one of Texas’ most precious resources—water. As Texas moves deeper into the new millennium, water will continue to be at the forefront of news, politics, environmental awareness, and legislation. The Texas Turf Irrigation Association is the state organization for Texas licensed irrigators whose, and the goal of the organization is to represent, educate, and protect the landscape irrigation industry in Texas.

TXIA must meet the challenges of this new millennium with more active participation in state legislative processes and develop a position where we can offer more support for Texas irrigators. We are facing a challenging future, and the TXIA is working for irrigation professionals like you. Join the TXIA today!