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Is Being Certified Enough?

Some organizations encourage consumers to seek out certified irrigators to install and maintain their irrigation system. Is that enough? Does being certified qualify one to maintain and/or install irrigation systems? Not in Texas! While receiving additional education, certifications and water conservation related designations is great and advantageous for those in the irrigation industry, certifications are not enough for Texas irrigators, technicians, and inspectors.

Now comes the big question. Are you promoting yourself as being licensed? I would suppose most would answer "absolutely"! However, if you're not, your missing out on a prime opportunity to educate consumers on the requirements to obtain and advantages of holding a license in the Texas irrigation industry.

Let me throw another question your way. Are you promoting the industry as being a licensure required profession? This day and time, where individuals and even the smallest of companies have access to a wide array of marketing opportunities, we are all missing the boat when we do not take advantage of every opportunity to promote Texas irrigation industry licensure. I've seen articles written by industry professionals giving invaluable information with regards to one's irrigation system, yet not mentioning why one should always look for a licensed irrigator to install, retrofit, or repair an irrigation system. I see many large and small irrigation companies who are killing it with their social media posts promoting their company and services on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, yet there is not one mention of why their readers should always hire a licensed irrigator. 

Back to the original question of "is being certified enough". Certification is great and not to be disregarded, however in the state of Texas, we all know that's not enough. Are you able to explain to consumers the difference? Certifications from industry affiliated organizations provide great information and in almost every case, being further educated will almost always add to your professionalism, your profile, and your expertise as an irrigator. Your license also brings those benefits, but it additionally stacks the deck adding that you have undergone an official background check, that you have taken a state required irrigation class and passed the associated test with that class, and that you maintain your license and expertise by obtaining a set number of required continuing education credits per your license requirements. 

So just to recap, don't overlook or completely miss prime opportunities to help educate consumers, your customers, and your followers. Always, be ready to give a quick overview of the following:

  • The difference between certification and licensure in the state of Texas

  • The advantages of hiring you (or another if you're recommending an irrigation professional) because you (or they) hold a valid Texas irrigation license

  • How the irrigation industry as a whole in Texas is built on licensure requirements

In summary, the Texas Irrigation Association would like to provide you with a few resources to use when promoting yourself or the industry with regards to licensure. Some ideas to use the "Make it a Priority" flyer (see resource #1 below) are:

  • Present it upon first contact with a potential customer (print or email document)

  • Include it in your bid packets

  • Post the link to your business, personal, HOA, or neighborhood social media pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Nextdoor)

  • Use it as a handout if you're invited to speak at a industry related event for consumers

  • Use it when writing an industry related article for additional content to point out the advantages of hiring a licensed irrigation professional

  • For those employed by municipalities, print and distribute or hang it in an area where citizens visit or conduct transactions

  • For distributors, keep a copy on the counter for homeowners who come in needing product or help

  • For those who conduct consumer events relating to yard maintenance, irrigation, gardening, and the like, distribute it or make it known to event attendees

Additionally, use the provided images below to promote Texas irrigation licensure requirements (see resource #2 below). We would also suggest including the link for the .pdf flyer for your social media followers to provide more explanation (see resource #1 below). These images are sized for Facebook (FB), LinkedIn (LI), and Twitter (TW) and they are named accordingly.

As always, let the TXIA know how we can better help you promote yourself as a licensed irrigation professional. Let us know how you have used or plan to use any of the provided resources and/or any ways that you've promoted Texas irrigation licensure in the past. Don't stay silent and get left standing on the sideline. Promote yourself and your credentials today!



  1. Select the following link to access and use the one-page .pdf flyer:

  2. Use the following images for your social media platforms:


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